Achievements of Demo user

A good start Complete your first successful giveaway
Best foot forward Complete 5 successful giveaways
Getting the hang of it Complete 10 successful giveaways
Shifting gears Complete 15 successful giveaways
Just warming up Complete 20 successful giveaways
Mad Rush Complete 25 successful giveaways
Putting the pedal down Complete 30 successful giveaways
Fast forward Complete 40 successful giveaways
Taking off Complete 50 successful giveaways
To the Batmobile Complete 60 successful giveaways
Full steam ahead Complete 70 successful giveaways
On fire Complete 80 successful giveaways
Approaching lightspeed Complete 90 successful giveaways
Unstoppable! Complete 100 successful giveaways
Congratulations Win your first game
Lucky draw Win 5 games
Spare ace in the sleeve Win 10 games
Gotta win 'em all Win 15 games
Wiiiiiiiiin frenzy! Win 20 games
All in Win 25 games
Give it to me, baby! Win 30 games
I came, I entered, I won Win 40 games
Clearing the table Win 50 games
Is it X-mas already? Win 60 games
Hail to the king Win 70 games
Winstreak! Win 80 games
You can't be THIS lucky... Win 90 games
iddqd Win 100 games
Is that a Leprechaun on your shoulder? Win four times in one week
It's a trap Win 5 discounted giveaways
Don't taze me bro Win 10 discounted giveaways
Rick roll Win 20 discounted giveaways
O RLY? Win 30 discounted giveaways
Didn't Read LOL Win 40 discounted giveaways
That Escalated Quickly Win 50 discounted giveaways
Thank you, but our princess is in another castle Complete your first non-bundle giveaway
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this Complete 5 non-bundle giveaways
All your base are belong to us Complete 10 non-bundle giveaways
Jack of all trades Complete all types of giveaways
Bad Luck Have a giveaway finish without an entry
Tooth Fairy Complete 10 successful giveaways in one month
Easter Bunny Complete 20 successful giveaways in one month
Santa Claus Complete 30 successful giveaways in one month
Robin Hood Complete 7 successful giveaways in one week
Giveaway addict Create a giveaway every day for 1 week
The perfect member Give a game every week for 10 weeks
Fus-ro-dah Give a game every month for 6 months
Being friendly Give a game to 25% of the group members
Networker Give a game to 50% of the group members
Flattery will get you everywhere Give a game to Dyna
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship Give a game and receive a game from the same member
Sugar Daddy Give 5 games to one member
Wait... Does this mean I'm their bitch? Win 5 giveaways from one member
Make a wish Give a game from the top 50 bundle wishlist
That's the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen Give 5 games from the top 50 bundle wishlist
Oil Sheik Give a game from the top 100 wishlist
You would think everyone would have this Have a ratio over 100%   (and 11 or more successful GA's)
Do a barrel roll Have a ratio over 150%   (and 11 or more successful GA's)
I used to be an adventurer like you...
then I took an arrow in the knee
Have a ratio over 200%   (and 11 or more successful GA's)
The perfect initiate Followed the initiate requirements perfectly
Job's done Complete the site introduction
It's good to be king Be last month's biggest giver
You must construct additional pylons Be last month's second biggest giver
Top of the class Be part of last month's 10% most generous gifters
Social gamer Participate in a gaming event
Leader of the pack Organize a gaming event
Puzzle Quest Participate in a puzzle event
Proven your worth Promoted to member