Bundle Quest Rules

The Rules of Bundle Quest

As a member you agree to:

  • Be nice
  • Be generous
  • Be fun

And on a more practical level:

  • Post your giveaways on our own Bundle Quest website and keep them up to date.
  • Always keep your ratio above 70%.
  • Create a minimum of 3 giveaways over the last 3 months.
  • Follow the rules of Steam and SteamGifts.

Not following the rules could lead to being kicked from the group.

Ratio system

The ratio system works as follows:

  • Every successful giveaway counts as a giveaway.
  • A giveaway is counted as successful if the gift was accepted on SteamGifts by the winner.
  • If no people joined your giveaway, it does not get counted.
  • Every giveaway you win counts as a win.

You are responsible for keeping a good ratio! It's best to keep it around 100%.
A low ratio results in being kicked from the group.

When your ratio drops below 70%, we ask that you leave any giveaways that you are still entered in. Also don't join any more giveaways till your ratio is up again. This is to help prevent a member with a low ratio get into more trouble. It is not allowed to join or win a premium giveaway if your ratio is below 70%.

Creating a giveaway

Please follow the following rules when creating a giveaway:

  • Post your giveaway on SteamGifts as a group giveaway for Bundle Quest.
  • Set the duration of the giveaway between two and seven days.
  • Set the start date of the giveaway to [now].
  • Don't use Contributor Level, region restrictions or place other rules on your giveaway.

After creating the giveaway go to the Bundle Quest website and post your giveaway there as well.
When the winner is chosen, check if he is still a member of the group and not a kicked member.
Be quick to send out your gifts and as the winner be quick to mark them as received.

Initiate members

From our initiate members, we like to see you prove you want to be part of this group. So every week during your initiation period we want to see you active.

The requirements for our initiate members are:

  • Post a giveaway within 48 hours after being invited to join.
  • Only join group giveaways after your initial giveaway has finished.
  • Post a minimum of 1 giveaway per week for the next 4 weeks.
  • Only join normal, discounted and free giveaways. Premium giveaways are for when you become a member.
  • Join no more giveaways than the number of giveaways you have created yourself.

If no people joined your giveaway, it does not get counted. In that case you get an extra week to make a new giveaway.

After these 4 weeks have been successful, we will evaluate if an initiate member becomes a full member. This will be done based on activity, your ratio, your history of following the rules and the general impression that you are a good addition to the group.

As an initiate member you can join the giveaways of the group. However join no more then the number of giveaways you have made yourself. Also be mindful of your ratio, as you need to stay above 70%!

During the initiation period you can make more giveaways, this is good for your ratio and allows you to join more giveaways from others. However, the requirement is not to make 4 giveaways total, but to make at least 1 giveaway in every week of your initiation period. So keep on making giveaways for the full four weeks. This way we ensure that an initiate member becomes an active participant in the group.